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London: +44 (0)207 038 3548
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Online art fairs are beginning to generate their own form of 'fair fatigue', the oft-complained about ailment of the art world brought about by spending too much time in soulless convention centres. This month the major casualty of art events has been the great Art Basel in Basel, cancelled like everything else, though in this case it is one of only two fairs in the world (TEFAF Maastricht being the other) that people are actually sad to be missing.

As always with art businesses it is difficult to know how dealers are truly coping with the pandemic. They are so capable, adept even, at looking like all is well when in fact it may as easily not be. There are some possible signs of trouble: the scope for discounts seems to be larger than usual, and the fact that a group of important galleries has now partnered with Sotheby's to present their wares, a collaboration that no one would have believed would ever happen as little as six months ago, suggests dealers are willing to consider the inconceivable if it means making sales. Still though, no major galleries we know of have yet had to close their doors for good, and for now at least the Contemporary market is surviving through these digital initiaves.

The offerings of this Art Basel Online feel less strong than they would have been at the physical fair, though this may have as much to do with the clunky viewing system and uninspiring format as a slightly lower quality of work. Who would bring their biggest guns out at this time? Nonetheless, there are as always some wonderful works of art to see (and buy!), some of the most interesting of which we include below.

Enrico David

Untitled, 2020

cotton thread and acrylic on canvas

50 x 40 cm

Showing with: Michael Werner Gallery

Anne Imhof

Untitled, 2020

aluminium and acrylic

150 x 210 cm

Showing with: Galerie Buchholz

Antonio Obá

Stranger Fruits - geanalogica, 2020

oil on canvas

180 x 200 cm

Showing with: Mendes Wood DM

Ouattara Watts

Untitled, 1998

mixed media on canvas

108 x 100 cm

Showing with: Magazzino

Ron Nagle

Lincolnshire Squire, 2018

ceramic, catalyzed polyurethane and epoxy resin

15 x 14 x 10 cm

Showing with: Modern Art

Marisa Merz

Untitled, 1926 - 2019

mixed media on ricepaper

141 x 135 cm

Showing with: Luxembourg and Dayan

Issy Wood

Kinkstarter, 2020

oil on velvet

180 x 290 cm

Showing with: Carlos/ Ishikawa